Equine Hauling Questionnaire

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We ask that you answer honestly to all the questions in this form, so that we may be prepared to haul your horse safely and with proper documentation at hand. If paperwork is not available to meet the requirements to haul the horse across state lines, then Greer Equine will not haul your horse, even if your deposit is paid. All payments are non refundable, and if documentation was promised to us and it is not submitted or available to us when the horse is picked up, we cannot haul your horse, and your deposit is forfeit. Please understand that we cannot wait for the horse to be caught if he/she is out to pasture and is not ready to haul immediately upon our arrival. If you will not be at the pickup or arrival point, we must have a designated responsible party to answer questions or make last minute or emergency decisions regarding your horse. Please include any special instructions or information that we should know prior to hauling your horse. Thank you.

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