Welcome to Greer Equine

Horse Transportation Services

"Offering a Quality Ride for your Ride "                                                 

Greer Equine offers Horse Transportation to the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and surrounding areas. We haul horses locally and long distance (certain radius applies). Attention to detail and concern for your animal is our utmost priority. Greer Equine caters to the individual with horses needing extra care and personal attention.


  • Affordable Rates
  • Warmblood Trailer with 7ft 10 inch interior height
  • Safe and Reliable Equipment
  • Less stress on your horse in the ideal travel environment
  • Nice, newer model, clean trailer with a ramp, padded stalls, rubber floors, rubber walls, interior and exterior LED lighting
  • Well ventilated and plenty of body, head and foot room.
  • Experienced Driver
  • Company is owned by horse owners and horse lovers
  • Horses are handled by a driver with respect and concern for the horse’s well-being.
  • Fully enclosed trailer for All-Weather Transporting, sliding windows and drop down windows with safety features.


  • We show up, or your money back!
  • If there is an emergency, and we are unable to haul your horse, you will receive a full refund.
  • We attempt to load your horse for 30 minutes included in the price.
  • We are always fair, honest and up front.
  • We keep in constant communication with our clients. 
  • We can provide references.
  • We are experienced with horses, or we wouldn't be in this business.
  • We love horses and will treat them with respect.
  • We will never use harsh methods, only natural horsemanship methods. We will never hit your horse with our hand, but will use a training whip or lounge whip with gentle pressure to ensure the horse knows who is boss. 


  • If your horse will not load, we cannot be held responsible. You will still be responsible for our time, fuel costs, and lost wages if we are not able to complete the load. The standard cancellation fee would apply. You would be responsible for up to 100% of the original haul price, plus fees for unexpected charges (see Liability Release for details).  A lot of this depends on how far we drive to the pickup point, and how much time we spent attempting to load your horse. 
  • If you anticipate difficulty with your horse loading, please be up front with us. YOU WILL BE CHARGED for extra time incurred to attempt to load your horse.
  • We are experienced horse haulers, and not horse trainers. You may need to see that your horse receive some training or practice prior to our arrival to prevent these charges. 
  • If we have time to stick around and continue loading efforts, we will, with your permission and pre-authorized payment, spend extra time working with your horse in attempts to load it. If we have another appointment, we can only stay for so long, then it will become necessary to leave and fulfull our obligations with the next client.
  • We can come back on a second attempt the next day, week, or month if you prefer, and subject to availability. You would still be responsible for either our minimum charge of $100 (for local hauls) or up to 100% of the charge if it was a longer distance haul. In most cases, this charge would just be the 50% which is the non refundable deposit to reserve your space. The 100% would only come into play if the pickup point is farther than the delivery point, and we had spent one or several hours driving to that point and needed the time and fuel costs coverered.
  • Cancellation fees are at the sole descretion of the owners. 
  • If we are running late due to unforseen circumstances, we will call or text you with updates. Orders cannot be canceled due to delays in horse hauling. This is a normal part of the business and exact times cannot be guranteed due to the nature of these animals. They are on their own time schedule, and if you push them, it only makes things worse. 


We do not offer money back under the following circumstances.

  • The horse hurts itself at any point under our care.
  • If there is no one present at the pickup location and we are unable to load the horse.
  • If you cancel without proper notice (see liability release for acceptable time frame)
  • If you just don't like us. (not possible)
  • If we are running behind schedule to due unforseen circumstances. You can complain to the horse.