Paper Forms

Paperwork for Horse Hauling

Greer Equine requires a few pieces of information to be filled out prior to hauling your horse. This will ensure that we have the correct information and are fully prepared to haul your horse safely and legally.

You may fill out the paperwork online by clicking on  "eforms"

If you prefer to fill out the paperwork manually, we can email all 5 of the paper forms to you. We must have this paperwork completed prior to hauling your horse. We must have a wet signature on one of the documents, even if you complete the rest of the paperwork online. The Liability Release must be signed with ink.

  1. Equine Hauling Liability Release (this will be emailed to you along with your initial quote- Click here to request a quote
  2. Equine Hauling Credit Card Authorization Form
  3. Equine Hauling Questionnaire
  4. Equine Hauling Terms and Conditions 
  5. Equine Hauling Orders

Please contact us for a quote first, and you will be emailed the Equine Liability Release document. We do not publicize our paperwork, and it is not downloadable from our site for legal reasons.

Greer Equine flier

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