Horse Hauling prices can fluctuate, depeding on several variables:

  • How many horses we will be hauling
  • The age, temperment, and specific needs of the horse(s)
  • How far we will be traveling 

Unexpected and possible additional charges (charged to credit card on file at the end of the delivery)

  • If the horse will not load or unload within 30 minutes, there is a $10 per quarter hour surcharge.
  • If the driver has to wait longer than 30 minutes at pickup or deliveyr, there is a $10 per quarter hour surcharge. 

Optional services: (additional charge, not included in hauling fee)

  • Coastal hay and charge $5 for the bag (2 squares)
  • Shipping Boot rental $15 per horse
  • Shipping Blanket Rental $15 per horse

Horse Hauling: standard rate (easy loaders, mares and geldings, over age 4)

  • The minimum haul rate is $100 
  • We charge by the mile, but sometimes will offer a flat rate, depeding on the situation.
  • The rate starts at $1.00 per mile one way for one horse, and $1.50 per mile for 2 horses.
  • Longer hauls could qualify for a price reduction if we are bringing back horses (250 miles+)
  • We attempt to coordinate loads so that there is no round trip fee.





You may do a preliminary quote yourself based on standard pricing. Remember, we may be able to offer a better price, depending on the situation, so please don't hesitate to call or text for an accurate price quote. Also remember, that the price could be more, because the prices of fuel can fluctuate and we do charge a bit extra for stallions, high spirited horses, or mares with weanlings, etc. 

How to do your own quote using standard pricing:

Click on the link above- for mapquest route planner

  1. In the 1st Box: START (A) Enter the starting address of:  8901 Kirk Lane, North Richland Hills, Tx 76182
  2. Click on: Add Another Stop
  3. Enter the Pickup Address in Box (B)
  4. Enter the Delvery Address in Box (C)
  5. Check the box that says "Make this a Round Trip"
Use the miles between each stop to calculate your horse haul.
A-B is from us to the pickup point @$1.00 per mile
B-C is from pickup to delivery location and is at least $1.00 per mile
C-D is from delivery location back to our location and is .75 cents per mile (sometimes less than 75 cents)
This will give you a general idea of pricing. Please don't hesistate to call with questions. We will email a quote upon request. You may also fill out the online form here on this site under contact us.