Equine Hauling Terms and Conditions

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This Equine Hauling Terms and Conditions is one of the required forms to complete your hauling order. 

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Please review these terms and conditions, and sign to acknowledge your agreement to these terms below.

Required for hauling:  

  • Signed Equine Hauling Liability Release (emailed with your initial quote)
  • Forms 1-4 found on this website under "eForms"
  • 50% deposit (non refundable)
  • Full payment due after the horse is loaded or upon arrival at the destination before unloading
  • Current Negative Coggins Test (in the last 12 months)
  • Health papers (if crossing State lines)
  • Halter and lead rope

Included in your rate:

  • Experienced Hauler
  • Nice truck and trailer with ramp, lighting, and safety features
  • Hay net, water bucket with fresh water and quick release trailer ties
  • 30 minutes to load your animal upon arrival. Please have the animal ready and waiting to load to avoid any additional fees.
  • 30 minutes to unload your animal upon delivery. Please make sure that final payment is made prior to arrival at the delivery location. 

Not Included in your rate:

  • Hay or grain is not provided free of charge, so please send an appropriate amount of hay with your horse in a trash bag or your own hay net. You may purchase hay from Greer Equine with advance notice. 
  • Halter and Lead rope is not provided.
  • Extra time to load your horse is not provided free of charge
  • Time spent waiting at the drop off and pickup locations is not included

Available to Rent/Purchase for additional cost:

  • Shipping boots available to rent for $15 per horse (4 boots)
  • Coastal hay available for purchase at $10/bag (2 squares)
  • Use of Large tack room for transporting saddles, tack and supplies (let us know what cargo you will need to move along with your horse) (see Questionnaire)
  • Extra time is billed at $10 per quarter hour

Important Information:

  • If your horse(s) will not load after 30 minutes, the load will be cancelled and the deposit forfeited.
  • If no one is present when we arrive to load the horse, we will not wait over the 30 minutes without compensation, so please be prepared.
  • If you agree to paying extra for time over 30 minutes ($10 for every quarter hour) we will continue to attempt to load the horse.
  • If, after extra time has been spent (with permission and payment) the horse will not load after 2 hours, or the maximum time allotted depending on our schedule, we will not continue to attempt to load the animal and the deposit plus extra fees would be forfeited.
  • If it is believed that the horse would cause harm to itself or any human being including Greer Equine owners or staff. We will not jeopardize anyone's safety if a horse becomes unruly, rares , lounges at someone, or kicks, we will not continue to attempt loading, and the deposit will be forfeited.
  • If you are planning to have an alternate loader present, then please provide their information on the "Hauling Orders" Form.
  •  If the driver has to wait or experiences difficulty in the loading or unloading process, there is a fee for extra time. The hauling agreement allows 30 minutes at the pickup and drop off location. The fee for extra time is $10 per quarter hour. This fee is automatically charged to the credit card on file upon the completion of the haul, and you will be notified if this is to occur.
  • No orders will be booked without a deposit.  Changes are permitted to your hauling order with a 7 business day notice. You may use your deposit/credit on file for a future date up to 30 days from the original haul date, as long as we receive the proper notice.  
  • If your horse becomes sick or unable to travel, we will accept vet records proving that they were treated for an illness preventing them from travel.  You may reschedule your haul when the horse becomes healthy. (see liability release for details, restrictions apply)
  • Final payment is due in full before unloading your horse at the destination. Long hauls require 100% payment once the horse is loaded before the second leg of the journey is started. 
  • We accept cash, credit cards and checks (if received more than 7 days prior to your haul date) There is a 3% convenience fee to pay via credit card or paypal. We do not provide financing or payment plans. 
  • Refunds: all payments are non-refundable. No exceptions.
  • An authorized person must be present at the loading and unloading location upon arrival. (see Questionnaire)
  • Make sure and notify us if the horse has a cut, scrape or injury prior to travel. (see Questionnaire)
  • We are not responsible for injury to the horse, or responsible if it injures itself during loading, unloading, or travel. (see Liability Release)
  • Greer Equine does not provide medical insurance for your animal. Please let us know if you need a referral on where to purchase medical insurance for your horse at least 30 days prior to travel.
  • If your horse(s) causes damage to our truck or trailer, you will be responsible to pay for the repairs.
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